How COVID-19 has seen this group of ni-Vanuatu workers move from tourism to citrus farming

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Cowra Meat Processing

Recruiting workers from Samoa has 'been a tremendous saving' for this business

Cowra Meat Processing employs around 200 workers but struggles to find staff. In 2018, general manager, Peter Browne, visited Samoa to interview workers through the Pacific Labour Scheme. In early 2019, 7 men from Samoa started work at the processing facility.

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Ironbark Citrus

Each of these women has a goal to start a business or improve their farm

Five women from a remote village in the highlands of Papua New Guinea have been recruited to pick mandarins at Ironbark Citrus in outback Queensland. Ironbark Citrus joined the Seasonal Worker Programme in 2012 and also recruits workers from Timor-Leste and Tonga. Working in Australia has been life-changing for the workers.

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Nutrano Produce Group

These Solomon Island workers have built new houses and a church in their village

The isolation of Nutrano’s citrus farm means it has been hard to find workers who will stay for a whole season. The business joined the Seasonal Worker Programme in 2017 and now employs a large group of workers from the Solomon Islands. Many of the workers have built new houses, and the workers have also built a new church in their village with the money they have earned working in Australia.

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Goldfields Honey

Bringing specialist beekeeping knowledge from the Pacific to Australia

Goldfields Honey, midway between Bathurst and Orange in central west, NSW, has recently joined the Pacific Labour Scheme. Beekeeping is a growing industry in the Pacific islands, so Australian apiarists can benefit from the experience Pacific island workers have in the industry.

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Skybury Farms

Transitioning workers from seasonal work to the Pacific Labour Scheme

Skybury Tropical Plantation in Mareeba in Queensland joined the Seasonal Worker Programme in 2018, recruiting workers from Papua New Guinea. The business is pleased with the workers it has recruited and intends to now recruit from the Pacific Labour Scheme.

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GraceKate Farms

Many workers have returned to this farm for multiple seasons

GraceKate Farms joined the Seasonal Worker Programme in 2012 and has been employing workers from the Pacific islands ever since. The business has now joined the Pacific Labour Scheme, which will allow it to access workers for up to 3 years. Having a returning workforce allows the owners to grow their farm and plan for the future.

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