How COVID-19 has seen this group of ni-Vanuatu workers move from tourism to citrus farming

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Russell McCrystal Farms

Reducing staff training costs, less need for supervision

Russell McCrystal Farms joined the Seasonal Worker Programme in 2015, initially trialling six workers. As of 2019, the farm employs 18 men and six women from Vanuatu. The business has now joined the Pacific Labour Scheme, which will allow it to access workers for up to 3 years.

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Hillwood Berries

This farm's productivity has increased because of its returning workforce

Hillwood Berries joined the Seasonal Worker Programme in 2013. The returning workforce has helped to increase the farm’s productivity, and the business now employs workers from 2 different countries.

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Tuilevuka Teaoti on Hayman Island

Saving money and studying commercial cookery

Elia from Samoa is working in Australia’s tourism industry under the Pacific Labour Scheme. With the money he has saved, he has been able to reopen his family business in Kiribati. He is now further improving his career prospects by studying commercial cookery.

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Retati Tekaai on Hayman Island

Retati plans to start an event-planning business when she returns to Kiribati

Retati from Kiribati works on Hayman Island under the Pacific Labour Scheme. She regularly sends money home to her family and is planning to start her own business when she returns home. Since starting work on Hayman Island, Retati’s skills have been recognised through her promotion to front-of-house in the workers’ accommodation.

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Bolton Clarke Pioneers Residential Aged Care

Finding workers with the right skills who genuinely care for older people

The Bolton Clarke organisation joined the Pacific Labour Scheme in 2017 and now employs 12 workers from Kiribati. Like many aged-care providers in regional Australia, Bolton Clarke struggled to fill personal carer and support roles with local labour. Bolton Clarke has employed 12 workers from Kiribati to work as personal carers and support staff in Longreach and Bowen in Queensland.

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Angelica Fisheries

How recruiting workers from the Pacific saved this fishing business

Angelica Fisheries on the New South Wales south coast joined the Pacific Labour Scheme in 2018. The business had struggled to find local labour and now employs 3 workers from Tuvalu. One of the owners, Steve Basile, says being able to access workers from Pacific island countries saved the business.

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