Tuilevuka Teaoti on Hayman Island

Saving money and studying commercial cookery

Elia from Samoa is working in Australia’s tourism industry under the Pacific Labour Scheme. With the money he has saved, he has been able to reopen his family business in Kiribati. He is now further improving his career prospects by studying commercial cookery.

Tuilevuka Teaoti from Samoa working in the kitchen on Hayman Island

Reputation for being able to handle whatever comes his way

Tuilevuka Teaoti, known as Elia to his friends, is working in Australia under the Pacific Labour Scheme to support his four children and extended family in Kiribati.

Elia is putting into practice the skills and techniques he learnt at the Australia Pacific Training Coalition in Samoa in his new job on Hayman Island.

Elia has a reputation in the kitchen of being able to handle anything that comes his way. His management and kitchen skills have been recognised by his colleagues, including by the resort’s head chef, David Shay, who said Elia played an integral role in the busy commercial kitchen.

Elia is the primary income earner in his family, and his savings have allowed his wife to reopen their family business – a corner store in a remote village in Kiribati. 

This has also had a positive impact on his community back home because without the corner store, the community had to travel long distances for basic supplies.

Elia is planning to further his own education and has enrolled in a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

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