Approved employer logos

Logos for Pacific Labour Scheme employers

The logo files on this page can be used by approved employers in the Pacific Labour Scheme in their promotion and information materials in line with the logo guidelines below.

Downloadable logos for Seasonal Worker Programme approved employers are not currently available.

Promoting employer involvement

The Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) approved employer logo has been developed to enable participating employers to promote their involvement in the program.

PLS employers must go through a series of thorough assessment and compliance checks before being approved to join the scheme.

If a business uses the PLS approved employer logo it means they are officially considered to be a suitable participant in the program, subject to their ongoing commitment to the high standards expected of employers in the scheme. These standards are outlined in the PLS approved employer guidelines.

How to use the employer logos

To ensure correct use of the logos, we have produced a set of logo guidelines for PLS employers. Please read or download these guidelines before using the logos.

Logo guidelines Downloadable link
Pacific Labour Scheme logo guidelines for approved employers [PDF 2MB]

Downloadable employer logos

PLS AE logo [EPS  1 MB] PLS AE logo [PNG 70 KB] PLS AE logo [PDF 359 KB]
PLS AE logo square [EPS  1 MB] PLS AE logo square [PNG 68 KB] PLS AE logo square [PDF 369 KB]
PLS AE logo white [EPS 1 MB] PLS AE logo white [PNG 71 KB] PLS AE logo white [PDF 369 KB]
PLS AE square white logo [EPS  1 MB] PLS AE square white logo [PNG 68 KB] PLS AE logo white [PDF 356 KB]