Current approved employers

List of current approved employers

Information about the current approved employers on the Seasonal Worker Programme and the Pacific Labour Scheme.

Seasonal Worker Programme approved employers

Visit the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s web page listing of approved employers currently participating in the Seasonal Worker Programme.

Pacific Labour Scheme approved employers

The following is a list of current approved employers who are participating in the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) under the new Deed of Agreement (Deed). Some of these entities provide on hire services, while others recruit directly for their own businesses.

The total number of PLS employers, including those employers who are approved under the previous Deed, can be found on the Media page on this website.

Abacus Fisheries Company Pty Ltd
ADCO Holdings Pty Ltd
AES Applicance Services Pty Ltd
Agri Labour Australia
Allity Pty Ltd
Angelica Fisheries Pty Ltd
Attunga Camps and Conferences Inc.
Aussie Grains Pty Ltd
Aussie Orchards Growers and Packers Pty Ltd
Australian Lamb (Colac) Pty Ltd
Australian Regional and Remote Community Services (ARRCS)
Australian Seasonal Workers Pty Ltd
AWX Pty Ltd
AZIT Labour Solutions Pty Ltd
Bejlad Pty Ltd
Berry Pays Pty Ltd
BG Hotels (Darwin) Pty Ltd
Bulmer Farms Pty Ltd
Bundaberg Sugar Ltd
Carers NT
Cheelonga Farming Pty Ltd
Connect Group Pty Ltd
Cowra Meat Processors Pty Ltd
CSIDE Cairns Pty Ltd
Dale and Meyers Operations Pty Ltd
Dongara Marine Pty Ltd
Eustonia Farm Management Pty Ltd
Finley Regional Care Ltd
Golden Banana Services Pty Ltd
Goldfield Honey Australia Pty Ltd
Goodwin Aged Care Services Limited
Gray Australia Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Gray Family Trust
Harvest Hands Pty Ltd
Harvey Industries Group Pty Ltd
HealthX Group
Hillwood Berries Pty Ltd
Hilltop Meats Pty Ltd
Howe Farming Enterprises Pty Ltd
IFYS Limited
InvestNorth Pty Ltd
Jobs Australia Enterprises
Jusren Holdings Pty Ltd (ATF BG & BC Spackman Family Trust )
K&S Conracting (QLD) Pty Ltd
Kalfresh Management Services Pty Ltd
Kimberley Accommodation (East) Pty Ltd
Kimberley Accommodation (West) Pty Ltd
Labour Solutions Australia
LJM Produce Pty Ltd
LLAN Investments Pty Ltd
Madec Australia
McCrystal Agricultural Services Pty Ltd
Mercy Services
Midfield Meats International Pty Ltd
Mingara Recreation Club
Mountain Blue Farms (Labour Hire) Pty Ltd
MPN (Lancaster) Pty Ltd
MQ Griffith Pty Ltd
Mulpha Hotels Pty Ltd
Munch & Crunch Pty Ltd
Murphy Fresh Pty Ltd
Nerada Services Pty Ltd
NQ Powertrain
Owen Pacific Workforce Pty Ltd
P & M Williams Enterprises (N.Q.) Pty Ltd
Patane Produce (WA) Pty Ltd
Quito Pty Ltd
R.J. Agricultural Services
RedLea Citrus Pty Ltd
Regional Workforce Management Pty Ltd
Riviera Farms Pty Ltd
Rizzco Services Pty Ltd
Rock Rodge Farming Pty Ltd
RSL Care RDNS Limited
Rugby Employment Pty Ltd
Simfresh Pty Ltd
Skybury Coffee Pty Ltd
Southern Cross Farms Operations Pty Ltd
Southern Meats Pty Ltd
Srhoj Farming Pty Ltd
Sterling NT Pty Ltd
Superior Production Company
Task Labour Australia Pty Ltd
Tasmanian Berries Pty Ltd
Tatura Fresh
Terranova Farming Co Pty Ltd
Trimech Pty Ltd
Tully Banana Services
Ulandra Pty Ltd
Usinch Pty Ltd
VJK Labour Solutions Pty Ltd
Wellplaced Investments Pty Ltd
Western Game Processing Pty Ltd
Whyalla Beef Pty Ltd